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Grup public This group is aimed at promoting,uniting, socializing with cum se descarcă bitcoin Bamasaaba all over the world to share that unity and love of Bamasaaba people.

Our Heritage,culture,way mike ryan ceo btc global trade limited life, to mention but a few,not forgetting Kamalea! There is also a brief history of Bamasaba,about the origin of the first Gisu man. A more in-depth history of Bamasaba Heritage can be found and discussed on this social networking site.

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Hopefully you will enjoy sharing and meeting other Bamasaaba. Closely related to the Bukusu and Luhya of Western Kenya, they are a mainly agricultural people, farming millet, bananas and sorghum on small-holder plots.

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Maize became popular with the coming of Europeans in late s. The Bamasaaba are famous for their traditional male circumcision ceremonies, held every even year.

In a three-day ceremony of dancing and feasting, preceding a couple of months preparations, the initiates are admitted into adulthood and expected to begin their formal contribution to the growth of their respective communities.

Scientific American - January [d49ox3p1m]

The name Bamasaaba is sometimes used interchangeably with the name Bagisu, even though the latter is actually a tribe of the Bamasaaba nation. The origin of the Bamasaaba is not known but traditions carried over generationa by oral history points at Egypt [Misri] as the traditional homeland but this ould be the similar epicenter where other migrations from the lower Nile and north-western Ethiopia took place at the close of the millennium, approximately AD.

These groups, including the Nilotics and Hermitic communities that constitute the Hima-Tutsi peoples of western Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Indeed it is difficult to place the Bamaasaba among the Uganda communities because they relate to both Ugandan and Kenyan communities. The language architecture is close to the Baganda and Bakonjo of western Uganda while their cultural traits are close to the Hermitic groups of north western Ethiopia.

The current Babukusu of western Kenya are believed to have migrated from the Bamasaaba, particularly from areas around Bubulo, in current Manafwa District. Many clans among the Babukusu have their origins among the Bamasaaba, a testimony to this linkage.


Masinde Muliro, once a veteran politician and elder of the Babukusu from Kitale, was form the Bakokho clan, with its base at Sirilwa, near Bumbo in Uganda.

There are other clans whose names, however, that are only on one side, such as Babichache and Balonja who are mainly among the Babukusu. The common cultural ties are a further indication of close relations among the two sister ethnic groups. During the Constituent Assembly that led to the Constitution of Uganda, Mulongo Simon, a Delegate from Bubulo East, introduced Babukusu as one of the ethnic groupings of Uganda, acknowledging the fact that both groups, Bamasaaba and Babukusu are intertwined.

The Bamasaaba and Politics. They had a strong fighting force of youths, whose pre-occupation was to herd livestock and trained in warfare.

Earlier, when the Masaai were still dominant in the eastern part of Mt Elgon, they were the traditional hostile neighbours.

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The dual economic activity of both crop and animal husbandry generated a resilient economy that supported their livelihoods and developed into an independent cultural community that endured centuries of hostility.

The advance of the European missionaries in late s, facilitated by Kakungulu, a British Muganda agent, established a base for the British colonial rule in the area.

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This changed drastically the geo-political settings of the Bamsaaba form there onwards. They built, through forced labour, road infrastructure and established administrative units,not forgetting the Muvule trees along the roads allover Masaaba Land!

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By independence inBamasaaba had had several western educated personalities with some schools, such as Nabumali High School, excelling in national examinations. Mbale town was the cleanest in the country.

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BCU belongs to Bamasaaba. Their out look on the most ordinary events was bound up with magic.

The experts at magic in Bugishu were divided into three mike ryan ceo btc global trade limited. These categories, in their descending order of harmfulness were: the witch doctor proper or the sorcerer known as umulosi; mike ryan ceo btc global trade limited to the scale is the witch finder called umufumu; and the least harmful if the medicine man.

The duty of the medicine man was to tell when to make sacrifices. He also supplied medicine against witch craft; snake bites, charm, for use in war and those to induce infection.

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He could read an oracle and also avert a creditor form coming to demand debts. The Umufumu could perform the powers of a medicine man but in addition had the power to detect who had cast a spell against someone.

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However, he did not have the powers to cast a spell. He could simply tell who had done it and appropriate means would be taken to get an antidote. The Umulosi was the most feared and the most harmful.

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His position was hereditary and he lived alone in the forest. He wielded great influence and sometimes he combined the functions of the witch-finder with his other roles. He was considered a direct medium and no medicine could be effective against his spells.