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Salaam, is the fatwa released?

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So there halal money of Haram fiat. Red pill or Blue pill make the choice!

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Abdenour MtlAcum 2 luni There will be a fatwa when we will not have the choice to use it because there are no other alternatives. I am wondering sometimes what book some people are reading. May Allah protect us all from the devil. Haris UddinAcum 2 luni He said in the video it's already finalized and explained the current standing on it Mm MukhtarAcum an I want to have the mail address of Sheikh Yassir Or WhatsApp to give my points on this issue.

Brother Mukhtar.

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Pinned by Mr. The "spirit" of it is clearly against Islamic principles. It is so risky because the value can fluctuates drastically in different directions. One cent of common sense would tell you that an Economic system established by Allah would not be okay with a currency that has variance like this. This variance gives too much opportunity for people to oppress other users of the currency. I would really love to hear how this stands against the economic system of Islam.

Is Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency halal in Islamic point of view? - Assim al hakeem

On the other hand bitcoin is a decentralised system which allows people to have control. Jaffer shaikhAcum an Assalaamu alaikum As brokers has intermediary role between buyers and sellers for BITCOIN and they charge certain percentage of commission for this transaction to both parties, is this charges halal income for broker.? Jazakallahu khairan Owais KhanAcum 5 luni You think brokers should provide their services free of cost?

YounmucAcum an Bless you jumpmanAcum an Great explanation. More on the investing side. In any investment, one should be able to identify the fundamental investment which supports a positive expected future return. In stocks, the underlying investment proposition is skilled business managers will combine human and physical capital to produce goods and services and sell them for more than cost of inputs.

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In real estate, the underlying investment proposition is skilled managers will generate rents exceeding cost of acquiring and managing the property. One can use this framework to think through and understand what one is actually investing in.

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If you can't to this, you can't call it este cryptocurrency trading halal. It's simply speculating. I agree with my asset management professor and practitioner, one cannot identify the fundamental investment propisition of bitcoin or cryptocurrency which supports an expected future positive return.

TheNormal GuyAcum 7 luni There is, Bitcoin is an innovative technology which allows payment without a middle man online, just like cash, because there is a limited amount of it it has intrinsic value like gold.

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So in a nutshell ur investing in something that has a use and a value, not just speculation like gambling is Muhammad Imran SheikhAcum an The Prophet P. How do you physically own a Bitcoin? If I have Kg of rice it is impossible for me to physically hold them. It says it must be in my possession.

So when you buy Bitcoin not the derivative or all that then that Bitcoin is in your possession.

The ambiguity of cryptocurrency value, ownership and its future what happens to the money after 21 million bitcoins are the grey areas. S RahmanAcum 17 Zile Did i hear right "has to he spot traded" the whole purpose of bitcoin is to wait it out till value goes up right?? Irwan SuwandiAcum 18 Zile Salam drom indonesia, thankyou syaikh. When u treat money as a "product" u buy it and sell it as it goes up and down using speculation regardless of spot trading etc, still it doesn't look so halal to me!

You can transfer that Bitcoin to any exchange as you like and etc. Oaama BatAcum an We need list of cryptocrany halal.


Miss FarryAcum lună Islam how? IslamAcum 9 luni This is what you should do. When you want to buy a cryptocurrency search on ROblocks on what project they are este cryptocurrency trading halal. This way you can come to a conclusion whether the coin is halal or haram Suraiya KasimAcum an Where can we ask questions? Humayun HamidAcum an What is the intrinsic value of bitcoin? If you are talking about bitcoin, then generally there is a degree of truth to it because bitcoin lacks governance and efficient transactions.

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However, if you look at other coins that are projects currently being developed then you should know that there are very responsible ones that are being used now which will enable contracts for all types of things including purchasing of homes, purchasing of services, purchasing of software as well as creating governance around peoples' identities that will allow people to transact without a central government saying who they can transact with. I suggest you este cryptocurrency trading halal look up projects like Cardano which is well on its way to helping decentralized finance reach millions of Africans who would otherwise not have access to anything remotely close to banking services to help them get out of their financial morass since banks find it to be too expensive and charge ridiculous fees to lend there.

As for Bitcoin the fundamental investment proposition is really in its features.

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If you understand that you would understand why it supports an expected positive future return. Why are you este cryptocurrency trading halal of telling the truth?

Brother, I need your permission to upload this audio on "TheFinalRevelation". Just the audio. I am sure you will appreciate the video I am making. PS it's a promising stock.

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Dogecoin was made as a joke, but there is no haram background that I have found. I really do not think you are in any position to give any rulings on anything regarding Islaam As far as my understanding of currency in general goes Also, the prophet wouldn't have been able to predict a new asset class that is more efficient than gold in pretty much every aspect, making it a better and more moral reserve currency etc.

No I will be using the haram currency of Bitcoin if that time comes just like I'm using the haram currency now that is not backed up by gold. But to claim that it is halal by people who like the title of Islamic scholars is the issue.