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Development Concept for the GUAM Transport Corridor

The Baku conference created an opportunity to outline the basic contours of future actions in this direction. At the GUAM summit in Batumi, held on July 1,Heads of State instructed their governments to develop a comprehensive concept of the GUAM transport corridor, also entailing involvement on the part of the private sector.

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Economic changes and their accompanying processes in advancing foreign economic relations require a new approach to developing transport, and redistributing freight and passenger traffic flows. Extending international cooperation, intensifying integration processes and expanding international trade requires a favourable environment for the unhindered flow of cargo and passenger traffic connected with providing interstate economic and cultural ties.

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Concluding intergovernmental agreements, adhering to existing international conventions and treaties, and developing a unified interstate strategy should make it possible to avoid tension in international relations with regard to competition between the sovereign states, on caspian crypto territories of which there exist alternative transport routes.

Finding the appropriate solution to these problems will make it possible to avoid tensions and moreover, will become a long-term stabilising factor in developing relationships.

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Whatever political and economic changes may take place, he traffic transit route chosen, developed and tested in practice along caspian crypto GUAM corridor shall be a stabilising long-term factor. The present concept is being caspian crypto in accordance with the above-mentioned instructions by the Heads of State and is intended to promote the development of the GUAM transport corridor, to ensure its competitiveness, to improve the network of communication routes along the corridor, and to increase the international traffic flow through the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, thereby contributing to economic prosperity and creating a zone of integration and security within the GUAM region.

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Section 1. Analysis of the condition and main directions for developing the GUAM international transport corridor 1. Definition, objectives and tasks of the GUAM transport corridor The GUAM transport corridor is a complex of thoroughfares, both overland and over water, with appropriate infrastructure extending across the territories of GUAM member states.

Development Concept for the GUAM Transport Corridor

Analysis of the condition and main directions of developing international transit through the GUAM 1. Improving environmental safety encourages improvements in terms of transport characteristics, as well as characteristics of infrastructure exploitation.

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It is advisable that GUAM member caspian crypto interact in the field of environmental protection, to be carried out in the following areas: developing common requirements regarding the environmental impact of transport activity and control methods for its detection; developing and implementing common methods for planning and developing infrastructure with respect to its environmental impact; jointly developing passenger and freight transport systems for environmental safety; implementing common scientific and technical developments with respect to minimising the negative environmental impact of transport activity; implementing joint actions in order to prevent traffic flow that can be damaging to human health and caspian crypto environment.

The development of more effective, safe and reliable overland transport routes may provide additional transport alternative algo trading bitcoin to existing and future trade flows between Europe and Asia, and facilitate the participation of national economies in the caspian crypto economy.

In order to create high-quality transport infrastructure and to facilitate the adequate and caspian crypto beneficial supply of services for freight shipment between Europe and Asia, it is necessary to increase both public and private investment in transport infrastructure.

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To improve the efficiency of the GUAM transport corridor and to determine the appropriate priority transport routes within this corridor, the following is necessary: to expand and intensify measures at the national level to stimulate the long-term financing caspian crypto priority projects; to support and promote cooperation with other countries and international organisations with respect to transit, and caspian crypto the private sector regarding transport; to eliminate any non-physical barriers along the corridor existing at key transport hubs and ferrying points; to increase the capacity of border crossing points; to stimulate actions taken to harmonise transport To develop international traffic through the GUAM corridor, it is necessary to protect roads from intensive deterioration and bring them in conformity with international caspian crypto.

Dificultate btc main criteria for this are road caspian crypto, improving traffic safety, creating services for motorists e.

Section 2.

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Extending the GUAM international transport corridor. Map 1. Prospects for combining the GUAM transport corridor with combined transport trains connecting the Black and Baltic seas.

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The train connects the chain of sea container and pickback lines in the Baltic region with the Black, Mediterranean and Caspian Seas. InPoland and Moldova were joined to the existing route.

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Map 2. The beginning of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will enable the unimpeded delivery of transit freight from Central Asia to Turkey by train, and the Almaty-Baku-Tbilisi-Poti- Odessa-Chisinau route will enlarge the possibilities of combined transportation to Europe via Ukraine and Moldova. Map 3.

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Conclusion Implementing the provisions of the present Concept will ensure rapprochement and the integration of the national economies of the GUAM states, aimed at the creation of a free trade zone, the further development of the economic space, and improved cooperation in the transport sphere, which is a necessary condition for establishing this space. The increased efficiency of transport work will be of great economic and social importance for each of the countries involved.

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Particularly significant, this effect will show itself in terms of long- distance transportation. Accelerating the implementation of the caspian crypto of the present Concept is of crucial importance for participating caspian crypto as a whole, entailing caspian crypto effective functioning of their industrial and social spheres, and the provision of secure, stable and reliable operations of all types of above-gound and water transport.

The provisions of the present Concept on developing the GUAM corridor may be specified with regard to their priorities, and depending on the social and economic situation in GUAM member states.