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Jo LunafiscAcum 9 Zile - Hydrogen bonds are misidentified They are not the covalent within a molecule bonds between hydrogen and oxygen or nitrogen or fluorine ; but the intermolecular connecting separate molecules bonds, still between H and O, N, or F, resulting from the imbalanced electron distribution in said covalent bonds.

I needed to get that correction out before continuing the video.

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Seeing this explanation, I thought I had misunderstood the hydrogen bond previously, and searched it up to be sure. It's a mins video and he wrote that its a 1 hour 42 mins video.

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Bright FelixAcum 11 Zile Wow I enjoyed your lectures Christian MobsbyAcum 12 Zile im english and just finished your 11 is collage the us way of saying university or is it the one after the last year of school Zharaa.

TahaAcum 14 Zile Thalmon de MeloAcum 14 Zile What a pretty voice Cassie DAcum 16 Zile Imagine being so passionate about the sciences and math, that you dedicate your time to making videos for anyone to access for free, so that they too can learn and understand.

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My point btc semestr syllabus that its nice of him to put content on ROblocks where a large portion of that content can be viewed by people with internet access. In ROblocks we can learn various things free other than internet charges which the content creators upload.


I never said he didn't. However, a large amount btc semestr syllabus his content is accessible for free by anyone who can access the internet, which he doesn't have to do.

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It gives him publicity, but I bet the majority of the viewers just use the free content and I'm sure he knows that. He's probably monetized but how does that make it less humanitarian or generous?

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Mazen SaeedAcum 14 Zile Azula pretty sure he meant free of charge, he would still make money if he posted his videos on a site that charges money. But he posts them on ROblocks where anyone could watch them, both ways he'd make profit.

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But it's cool that's we could just access it AzulaAcum 14 Zile He does it for money. Nobody does anything for free Fancy Chepng'etichAcum 17 Zile.

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