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Crypto-currencies McGlone identifies three key factors that will drive the growth of the entire crypto market.

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This is the halving of bitcoin last year, increased demand and acceptance from both the retail sector and institutional investors. He also argues that Bitcoin is the most important asset in the financial markets of the future, as cryptocurrencies, gold, and metals will soon be the main mix of btc markets login.

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He advises investors: "When in doubt, diversify and in a world of accelerating electrification, decarbonization, and digitization, we see a solid foundation for higher prices for a mixture of metals and cryptocurrencies.

Elon Musk is currently considered the most disruptive factor for the predictability of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market.

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Still, McGlone argues that btc markets login money inflation, growing adoption, and expanding demand versus a shrinking supply of bitcoin create an ideal environment for Bitcoin to grow in the long term. This year is followed by a reduction in the supply of bitcoins, which increases the likelihood of a price increase if past patterns persist.

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Previously, a similar opinion was expressed by the legendary hedge fund manager billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. He stated that based on the fact that Bitcoin is mathematics and mathematics has been around for thousands of years, Bitcoin will continue to rise in value exponentially, just like mathematical equations.

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So what about the current drop? But there is so little time until the end ofyou might say.

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Yes, but bitcoin can grow very quickly, and it's not a secret for anyone after the events of the first quarter and even the beginning of the second. Therefore, in my opinion, the global bullish forecast is still relevant.

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According to him, the cryptocurrency market is currently below the trend and called it btc markets login best time to buy for new investors. Interestingly, in his "June investor letter" from Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead writes that China's multiple bans on cryptocurrency are "the movie we've seen before," adding that investors who sell because of China's "ban" usually end up regretting it.

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He refers to previous years,when China banned cryptocurrency, after which more than one period of growth followed. Yesterday's forecasts are up-to-date, we are waiting for the situation around the level of 38, Ekaterina Kiseleva.

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