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Ontological Frameworks for Food Utopias. These, in turn, raise major ethical and political questions, such as how to uphold the right to bitcoin harding problema nutrition, or the right to enact a gastronomic culture and to preserve the bitcoin harding problema to do so.

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Proposals for utopic solutions vary from vertical farming and lab meat to diets filled with the most fanciful insects and seaweeds.

Common to all proposals is a polarized According to the first, technology will deliver clean, just, pleasurable, affordable food; future generations will not need to adjust much of their dietary cultures.

bitcoin harding problema

According to the second, future generations should dramatically change their dietary habits what they eat and how they eat it to achieve a sustainable diet.

The two fixes found remarkably distinct perspectives over dietary politics and the ethics of food production and consumption.

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In this paper we argue that such polarized thinking rests on a misrepresentation of the ontological status of food, which in turn affects the underlying ethical and political issues. Food is a socially constructed object that draws in specific ways on habits, norms, traditions, geographical, and climatic conditions.

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Although this thesis seems somewhat obvious, its consequences on the ethical and political perspectives on the future of food have not been derived properly. After introducing the issue at stake ¤1we point out the polarities that characterize food utopias ¤2 and their ontological faults ¤3.

We hence suggest that a socio-ontological analysis of food can better deliver the principles for a foundation of food utopias ¤4.

Cunoaștere și Informații. Procesul obţinerii, prelucrării şi analizei informaţiilor este o preocupare majoră pentru societatea actuală. În acest scop se folosesc procedee şi tehnici specifice pentru culegerea sau generarea de informaţii, prelucrarea acestora prin analiză şi sinteză, generarea de predicţii şi strategii, transmisia şi prezentarea informaţiilor factorilor de decizie, şi stocarea lor. Analiza informațiilor poate Perspectiva lui Polanyi despre cunoaștere servește unor considerații epistemologice fundamentale privind cunoașterea ca produs.