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Universităţii nr. The entire responsability for the content of the published articles rests with the authors. Although it functioned as a forum for negotiation, the successes towards achieving the objective of creating an open multilateralism are notable.

The number of countries preoccupied with adopting a commercial discipline has increased. Tariff protection was reduced considerably, as shown by the increase in openness of national markets. Empirical evidence shows a substantial boost of trade flows, the rate of world exports significantly outpacing GDP growth, which leads to new opportunities for development.

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There are obvious interdependencies between world trade growth and promotion of liberal trade policies, developments in transport and communications technology, the increase of foreign investments, international business environment changes towards a more pronounced segmentation of supply chains, etc. In this paper we propose a retrospective review of several aspects concerning the impact of GATT and its successor, WTO, on the international trade in the postwar period.

Initially, discussions focused on the project of creating an International Trade Organization to 0 034 btc la usd some coordination of trade policies of the Member States in the direction of diminishing tariff protection, whose levels have seen a significant scale during the Great Calificarea minimă pentru btc of the early 30s.

Americans, less affected by war and with an increasing production to be exploited, aimed at opening foreign markets; the British who were still under the seduction of free trade, however were concerned by the erosion of the position they held in the international arena, but 0 034 btc la usd by the possibility to be forced to give up preferential relations with the Commonwealth countries, relations which were more substantial than those of the U.

Baldwin, p. It lacked a mechanism for dispute resolution and its jurisdiction circumscribes especially manufactured products; it lacked the authority to interfere in agriculture, services, intellectual property rights and foreign direct investment.

The U. A remarkable achievement of this round of negotiations is creation of the World Trade Organization WTOwhich was an important step in strengthening the international system emerged at Bretton Woods. Gilpin, p. WTO, The agreement of establishing WTO reflects somewhat a compromise between the interests of 0 034 btc la usd countries and developing countries.

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Industrialized countries have 0 034 btc la usd greater protection of intellectual property rights and access to their products and services in the markets of other countries, and developing countries have achieved better access in developed country markets, especially for manufactured products. At some point, developing countries suspected GATT of being a tool of Western domination and a dependence promoter; but when they became exporters and manufacturers began to see in GATT, and then in WTO, an opportunity to defend their own interests.

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Gilpin,p. Tariff protection has diminished considerably, especially from the 80s Figure 1leaving room for more subtle forms of protection.

Statistics show that the average tariffs applied by all developed countries has decreased considerably in the postwar period, being now far from representing a significant obstacle to trade. WTO, This trend of liberalization has been favored by the foundation, in developed countries, of effective fiscal systems that allowed reducing dependence of state budget from easier revenue sources, such as custom duties Negrescu,p.

Greater difficulties occurred in the process of negotiating the reduction of non-tariff trade barriers. Agriculture continues to be the most protected field and also the source of many disputes between WTO members.

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The trade regime for agricultural products promoted by the U. Bari, The tariff dispersion for non-agricultural products is lower, Japan being the country that applies the lower import tariffs. Textiles and clothing remain protected by relatively high customs duties, although from 1st of January all products in this sector were integrated to GATT rules Table 1.

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Table 1. Simple average of the consolidated custom duties and of those actually applied by the EU, U. Since the 70s this trend was more pronounced in countries with developing economies and countries with economies in transition as a result of the reduction of tariff protection and implementation of export-led development policies; countries with transition economies were involved more actively in international trade, especially since the 90s, with the change of political regimes.

Emerging economies in South East Asia, for example, have made a significant contribution to ignite this trend, especially due to their orientation towards industrialization and export-led development policies.

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It should be noted that the position of developed countries in world export flows improved significantly, despite the fact that GATT was often blamed that it primarily promotes the interests of developed countries.

This trend was interrupted only during the periods when the global economy was in recession or was marked by events that had an impact on its behavior eg terrorist attacks of SeptemberUSA ; from a historical perspective, the most significant contraction of world trade was recorded ina situation visible in figure 5. Figure 5. Within five decades, GATT acted as driver of multilateralism in the international arena; although, de jure did not have the status of international organization, de facto, despite its limited authority, GATT recorded notable successes in asserting a framework for multilateral trade negotiations and in promoting non-discrimination between countries.

The objective of GATT was an open multilateralism primarily by reducing tariff protection to facilitate the development and consolidation of an open world economy; this objective was taken over by his successor, the World Trade Organization, which operates as a real international organization whose intervention powers and tools 0 034 btc la usd more extensive than those of GATT. However, industrialized countries were more active in terms of market opening; starting from the '80s, developing countries were convinced of the benefits of an open multilateral trading system, implementing reform measures and reduction of trade barriers as an expression of a reconfiguration of internal politics or as pressure from international organizations.

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Empirical evidence reveals amplification of international trade flows, especially since the 70s; an explanation may be provided by the increasing number of countries concerned with acquiring a trading disciplines and implementing commitments under successive rounds of negotiations under the auspices of GATT. A number of syncope in this trend were recorded during the periods of turbulence recessions of '70s and '80s, the economic crisis triggered by the end of and so on.

Since the second half of and ininternational trade had recorded the most severe contraction of the entire postwar period. However, middle and low income countries remain a challenge for WTO, the successor to GATT, while the imports from these countries are still more affected by trade barriers compared to those from developed countries.

The growth of international trade flows faster than world GDP, the downgrade of growth of agricultural exports by the growth of manufactures exports, increasing matkets openness are some other evidence of the impact of negotiations in GATT and WTO on international btc markets litecoin pattern.

Moldova [email protected] Abstract: The present paper studied the issues of increasing the competitiveness of specific countries within the context of the post-crisis period.

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Among the best known and mostly used models is the one from the World Economic Forum. Furthermore this model helped determine the competitiveness factors and identify the most important of them.

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The countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the same as Republic of Moldova, and the data for were chosen for the analysis. 0 034 btc la usd one hand it analyses the econometric dependence of the competitiveness and the dynamics of macroeconomic factors associated with economic growth and standards of living, economic structure, the openness and innovativeness of the economy, as well as the extent and forms of state regulation of the economy, the level of transparency and efficiency of the state apparatus.

Thus the accumulated experience in enhancing the competitiveness will definitely be useful to other countries, including the Republic of Moldova, which will go through all the stages of European integration in the foreseeable future.

Key words: competitiveness, competitive advantages, competitive disadvantages, the pillars of competitiveness, European integration, foreign direct investment. However, the economic research community has not developed a sufficiently stable view of competitiveness and its determining factors.

The economic science has as an urgent task 0 034 btc la usd identification of the competitiveness level in individual countries.

Porter, The competitiveness of a country depends on the competitiveness of enterprises and their products. Peura, This approach encompasses foreign trade indicators, such as exports to GDP ratio and foreign trade balance to GDP ratio. A similar opinion is shared by the American scientists D. Dollar and E. Wolf, claiming that a country is competitive when combining the prosperity in international trade on the basis of high technology and performance with high incomes and wages Dollar, Wolf, OECD experts define the national competitiveness as the degree to which, under open market conditions, a country can produce goods and services that meet the test of foreign competition while simultaneously maintaining and expanding domestic real income.